Custom Style Funeral Spray

monica's%20186Last week we had the honor to make a funeral spray for a baseball legend. Larry Jansen was the winning pitcher for the then New York Giants in the famous “shot heard ’round the world” game. His family wanted to remember his playing days so we constructed this easel spray and made a baseball out of white carnations and used red ribbon to construct the stitching. The bat used in the spray is an authentic bat from the era. Our sympathies go out to Larry’s family and we were glad to be part of the celebration of life by constructing this arrangement. Our designer Monica did a great job in bringing this display to fruition much to the appreciation of the family.


Back To Business

Okay, enough about the Red Sox, now time to get back to business.  Our Fashion Pumpkin Arrangement has been extremely popular this fall. Part of it is that you can choose a color other than the traditional orange for this great container. Supplies are definitely limited due to good sales so order now while they are still available.pumpkin_style_arr_lgpumpkin_style_cont

The Sad Saga Of The Red Sox

Well I know it has nothing to do with flowers and gifts…..but it was a sad weekend watching the Redsox self destruct and get swept out of the playoffs.

New Look!

The Hillsboro store (Hill Florist) has a new fresh look. Manager Connie just back off of a vacation redid the entire front of the store! I got to help out, by having to move the heavy pieces. Groan… Come in and see the new look and all the new merchandise. More shipments are arriving every week. The Tigard store will be next, as soon as my back recovers from this move.

Hallooween Boo-Quet

FTD_Boo_quet_lgYou don’t have to wait for Halloween to enjoy this clever arrangement. Our designers are making them up now and they are ready to send or pick up at the stores.

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