Ordering Tips

Placing an order on our website is a very efficient way to order. I receive copies of all those orders in my personal email so I see them come in at times like 2:00am on a weekend. Now don’t ask me what I am doing up at that time….but the point is that when you get the news that someone has had a baby, or is in the hospital, or you just remembered a birthday etc. you can place your order and it will be on our printer when we open the next day at 8:00am. Some things to remember about ordering online is that you don’t get to really talk to one of the designers if you want to “tweak” your order. You can put any comments you want in the special instructions section. Recently we had a customer call and say that she really liked the classic cube arrangement (probably our best seller) but did not want the orange and yellow colors. Well those pictures are on the website as a representation of what the arrangement will look like. It is not practical to put pictures up there of the same idea in 10 different color schemes. So simply put in the special instructions section that you would like the arrangement to be in shades of pinks and purples for example. Our designers are truly the best in the Portland Metro area at putting together the right colors and right textures to make your arrangement look similar to the picture but in the colors that you specify. As always, we know that without our great customers we do not exist and our goal is to make every customer happy within reason. Thank you for your continued patronage and we look forward to serving you in the future.


More on the gift show…

Well we are back from Seattle and saw many new things. We placed some fill in orders to replenish items that we sold since the last show and also bought a couple of new lines of merchandise. Lots of new and exciting jewelry along with other gift items to get the stores ready for spring. Keep looking as new items will come in every week.

Gift Show Time!

Well the boss and the manager are headed to Seattle tomorrow morning for the winter version of the gift show. It is 3 long days of pounding the floor trying to outguess the public. Vendors come from all over the country as well as some internationally to display their product lines for the coming year. The show is divided into two segments. The first is in the permanent showrooms now called the Pacific Market Center. This center has been there for over 30 years that I am personally aware of. It is located at 6100 Fourth Ave South in Seattle and for many many years it was simply called the 6100 building. In fact I date myself when I refer to it by that name and alas many of the staff at the building don’t even know what I am referring too. The other part of the show is the “travelling” show that takes place at the Seattle convention center. This part of the show used to take place at the Seattle center in years past. The main building being the arena where the Sonics played basketball, with some vendors in the outbuildings around the center. The center was on the location of the Seattle World’s Fair from the 60’s. So even though there have been changes of venues, the show has pretty much been the same for me for the past 30 years.

What this all means of course is that in a few weeks the new merchandise that we buy at the show will be rolling into the stores! It is always exciting when the new merchandise arrives. So stay tuned to this blog and I will update when new shipments arrive.

Getting ready for the grandaddy of them all…

Valentine’s Day is the biggest holiday in the florist business. Well let me rephrase that to say that Valentine’s Day is the biggest day in the florist business. Mother’s Day week is the biggest week and Christmas is the biggest month. So much rides on Valentine’s Day to bring us out of the winter doldrums and back to business. Our stores will be delivering on Sunday this year. However, in order to get the most bang for your buck you really should have your Valentine order delivered on Friday the 12th. After all most recipients want to show off in front of co-workers and expect that their Valentine will arrive at work to do just that. So to keep your loved one happy think about having your order delivered on Friday the 12th this year.

Welcome 2010

The new year is upon us and we wish everyone a very happy new year. We hope that the new year will bring us prosperity and many new opportunities. We are going to do our very best to offer our customers the very best in quality and service at a reasonable price. We hope that our value added approach will make many new customers for us as well as continue to serve our existing customer base.

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