Our big weekend

We just finished up a huge project that we did for Intel at the Portland Hilton Hotel. Intel put on a 3 day party for the winners of a challenge that they conducted. Nearly all of the hotel was taken over for this event and flower arrangements were everywhere. The challenges were not only being able to produce that many custom made large and unique floral arrangements, but also the logistics of transporting them to Portland and having them arrive intact, safe and sound. Of course since the flowers had to last for 3 days, it was critical that only the freshest, longest lasting flowers were used. Connie and the rest of the staff did a superb job in not only getting the work done, but getting it all in place. I am very proud of our staff for the fine work that they did. We received many compliments and literally hit a home run with our selection and style of arrangements. The picture here shows just one of the arrangements, this particular one was in the registration area.


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