Another Valentine’s Day In The Books

Well the big day has come and gone again. At the time it seemed like a long week. With VD being on a Monday that means no days off all last week including Saturday and Sunday and of course now we are in the next week so on it goes until the weekend. But once it is over it is kind of an empty feeling. It is good to have that pressure time behind us but there sure was a lot of excitement this year. It was good to see Valentine’s Day be like the old days. Lots of people in the store, all the orders we could handle. And people were spending money this year and ordering premium items. Maybe there is some hope for this industry and maybe things will turn around. I know that we are doing our best to make it happen and it is satisfying to see our efforts being rewarded. Meanwhile now that the holiday is over, anyone that needs a nice, cool, contemporary, inexpensive bouquet….might want to check out our Harlequin Romance Bouquet that is pictured here. This is an outstanding value for the price.

Harlequin Romance Bouquet


Early Sales

Valentines Day seems to be good so far. Lots of early orders which is not usually the case for this holiday.

New Giftware Coming

Having  just returned from the winter gift show in Seattle, we found many new things and several new lines of  jewelry to add to our already fine selection. Jewelry has become one of our best selling lines in the store. We were excited at the new lines we found and can’t wait for it to arrive in the store.

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