Valentine Pricing

Every year we have to deal with the issue of what to do about pricing at Valentine’s Day. The sad truth is that the growers and wholesalers raise the prices to the retailers for this holiday. Whether the short supplies are real or imagined, that is the excuse that is given. Consequently the retailer has to raise their prices in order to make a profit on this busy holiday. The part that is unfair in this scenario is that the public thinks that the retailer is just being greedy and raising their price simply because they “can”.  I can tell you that I for one would be much happier if we did not have to raise our prices and did not have to endure this assumption by the public that we are somehow gouging. I can also tell you that we do not raise the prices in the same proportion as our regular pricing. In other words we make a larger percentage of profit on everyday orders than we do on Valentine’s Day orders. We raise the prices only enough to help defray the higher cost to us.


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