Early Sales

Valentines Day seems to be good so far. Lots of early orders which is not usually the case for this holiday.


New Giftware Coming

Having  just returned from the winter gift show in Seattle, we found many new things and several new lines of  jewelry to add to our already fine selection. Jewelry has become one of our best selling lines in the store. We were excited at the new lines we found and can’t wait for it to arrive in the store.

Valentine Pricing

Every year we have to deal with the issue of what to do about pricing at Valentine’s Day. The sad truth is that the growers and wholesalers raise the prices to the retailers for this holiday. Whether the short supplies are real or imagined, that is the excuse that is given. Consequently the retailer has to raise their prices in order to make a profit on this busy holiday. The part that is unfair in this scenario is that the public thinks that the retailer is just being greedy and raising their price simply because they “can”.  I can tell you that I for one would be much happier if we did not have to raise our prices and did not have to endure this assumption by the public that we are somehow gouging. I can also tell you that we do not raise the prices in the same proportion as our regular pricing. In other words we make a larger percentage of profit on everyday orders than we do on Valentine’s Day orders. We raise the prices only enough to help defray the higher cost to us.

Post holidays business

Well the holidays are over for another year. It is the slow period in January up to Valentine’s Day! Along the way there are still many occasions to order flowers, such as new babies, birthdays, anniversaries or for no reason at all. Sometimes the best gifts are the unexpected ones. Sending flowers “just because’ often has the most impact because the recipient is not expecting them and is totally surprised at the thoughtfulness of the sender! One of our most popular non-event arrangements is our “Have a nice day arrangement”. It is a happy face mug filled with an assortment of timely seasonal flowers. At the low price of $19.95 it is a terrific value and tells someone that you are thinking of them that day! 

Have A Nice Day Mug Arrangement

Poinsettia – Fact and Fiction

As we get into the holiday season, we inevitably hear questions about poinsettias and the “supposed” toxicity. We have enclosed a link to a pamphlet provided by The Society Of American Florists that debunks that myth and also includes many helpful hints in the care of these traditional Christmas plants.

Red Poinsettia

Thanksgiving Is Right Around The Corner


Fall Cornucopia

Seems hard to believe that Thanksgiving is almost here again. Seems like only a few days ago it was Halloween…oh wait, it was just a few days ago. Okay so I am getting ready early this year. Thanksgiving is a great day to get together with family and friends.   No Thanksgiving celebration is complete without the flowers. Whether you are celebrating Thanksgiving at home or with someone else remember to order flowers now and have one less thing to think about during the big week. If you can’t be there for Thanksgiving send one of our bouquets. Just give us a call or order from our website and we will take care of all the details and make sure that your order is delivered in a timely manner.

Fall Flowers

With Halloween behind us and firmly into November we are officially in the fall season. Many people love this time of the year and the colors of fall. There is something warm and comforting in the beautiful oranges, yellows, browns and rust colors. Our stores feature these arrangements throughout this month and of course have several centerpiece options for Thanksgiving. Currently one of our more popular arrangements is our Autumn Splendor Bouquet . This arrangement features the colors of fall in an attractive rectangular shaped vase. The arrangement is accented with cattails. For a centerpiece we are featuring something a little different this year. Our Votive Candle Centerpiece is different than the standard centerpiece with taper candles. This arrangement would go well on a coffee table as well as a dining room table. It is complete with votive candles.

Halloween is coming!

Halloween and parties are just around the corner. Remember that flowers make the event! Fresh pumpkin arrangements are one of our more popular items. They can be ordered online, or by calling into the stores or by stopping in and ordering one to go. These are sure to make an impression.


Fresh Pumpin Arrangement


Fall Is Here!

Well it seems like we did not really have a summer here in Oregon, but now it is fall and hopefully we will have one of our beautiful autumn seasons. This arrangement is our featured arrangement for fall and is priced right for any occasion.

Fall Splendor in a harvest grape container.

Wedding Season!

It’s summertime and that means wedding time.  Our shops are busy making many brides very happy! Flowers are an important part of any ceremony and certainly that is true of weddings. To make your day special, meet with one of our designers and sit down and discuss your ideas and your wedding plans and we will make up a no charge proposal for your special day. Be sure to reserve your day in advance, as there are only so many Saturdays in the year and you don’t want to be disappointed. Stop in or call today to look at books and pictures and talk to the design staff. Make sure your day is the day of your dreams.

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