Administrative Professionals Week

Once called Secretaries Week, Admin Professionals Week is April 19th to 23rd this year, with Wednesday the 21st being Admin Professionals Day. The name was changed from Secretaries Day several years ago to encompass the new duties and titles of office support staff. Our stores are ready to help you remember your admin or secretary with gifts of flowers, planters, or candy. Call one of our stores or order on line to assure your sentiment will arrive when you want it to.


On To Easter

Well St. Pat’s is history for another year and dang I did not have a green beer! The brewery pub I was at seemed to think it was beneath them to put a little food coloring in their beer. Oh well, it was still fun. So now we move ahead to Easter and the official beginning of Spring. Spring in Oregon is a nebulous time of the year, it can start early or it can drag out until late April or even May. We are hoping this year that the mild weather will continue and that Spring will indeed be early. We are ready in our stores with lots of new spring containers and of course spring flowers. Tulips are plentiful and beautiful right now. Our “Mad About Tulips” arrangement is a huge seller this time of the year as everyone is anxious for some spring in their life. Another one of our best sellers has been our “Garden Bird Arrangement” as you can see from the pictures the container is made to look like an antique hand painted container. At only $27.50 this is a super value for any occasion or for no occasion! Order one today. Better yet order two today, one for someone who you want to send a sentiment to and one for yourself. At this price you can go ahead and indulge.

Garden Bird Arrangement

Garden Bird Container

Why You Should Use Your Local Florist

There are all sorts of places that want to take your floral orders today. The larger ones like 800 Flowers,, and many others are what we call “order gatherers”. As the name implies these places take your order and do not fill it themselves, but rather “sell” them to regular everyday florists at a deep discount. They will charge you a handling fee of at least $11 and in many cases more just to take your order. This is true even if your order is being delivered right in the same town that you live in. Your local florist, like us, will only charge you the price of the item and a delivery charge.  The order gatherers will charge you that also in addition to a hefty service charge. When the recipient receives the flowers and knows that the sender spent $50 they may question why the arrangement is not larger or worth more value, when in fact the florist that filled the order only received $35 or so. Now when we send an order out of town/state for you we do charge a nominal $5.00 for that service. That fee covers our membership in the organization of florists that is going to guarantee your satisfaction as well as our follow up if necessary. Eventually there will be no more independent florists to fill these orders and the order gatherers will be left with orders and no way to get them placed.  But until that day comes we will still be here to serve you in either of our stores.

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