Administrative Professionals Week

Once called Secretaries Week, Admin Professionals Week is April 19th to 23rd this year, with Wednesday the 21st being Admin Professionals Day. The name was changed from Secretaries Day several years ago to encompass the new duties and titles of office support staff. Our stores are ready to help you remember your admin or secretary with gifts of flowers, planters, or candy. Call one of our stores or order on line to assure your sentiment will arrive when you want it to.



Easter is here and so is spring. Spring in Oregon is a dicey time of the year. Today and this week in general it has been cold and rainy and windy. What a horrible combination. So, the answer to all of that is…a beautiful bright spring flower arrangement from one of our stores. One of our most popular is “Mad About Tulips” 15 beautiful, local grown, tulips in a vase. What could be more elegant or springlike than tulips. We pick them fresh from a grower that is less than 2 miles away so you know you are getting the freshest, most beautiful tulips possible. They are arranged in a clear vase with nothing else. Just the beauty of the tulips. Now one thing you need to know about tulips, they are photo tropic.  Wow that is a mouthful and what exactly does it mean? It means like some flowers, tulips go towards the light. Even after they have been cut and are no longer growing! So what does this mean? Well in spite of all the pictures of tulips that you see in a vase, including the one that we use, the tulips will eventually grow toward the light. This means that they will be bent in all sorts of shapes. This does not mean that there is anything wrong with them, but rather that they are acting in accordance with their nature. So if you receive a vase of beautiful tulips don’t be alarmed if they exhibit this characteristic.  After all they are only doing what nature intended for them!

On To Easter

Well St. Pat’s is history for another year and dang I did not have a green beer! The brewery pub I was at seemed to think it was beneath them to put a little food coloring in their beer. Oh well, it was still fun. So now we move ahead to Easter and the official beginning of Spring. Spring in Oregon is a nebulous time of the year, it can start early or it can drag out until late April or even May. We are hoping this year that the mild weather will continue and that Spring will indeed be early. We are ready in our stores with lots of new spring containers and of course spring flowers. Tulips are plentiful and beautiful right now. Our “Mad About Tulips” arrangement is a huge seller this time of the year as everyone is anxious for some spring in their life. Another one of our best sellers has been our “Garden Bird Arrangement” as you can see from the pictures the container is made to look like an antique hand painted container. At only $27.50 this is a super value for any occasion or for no occasion! Order one today. Better yet order two today, one for someone who you want to send a sentiment to and one for yourself. At this price you can go ahead and indulge.

Garden Bird Arrangement

Garden Bird Container

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